Friday, August 7, 2015

Fish May Be Evolving To Swim Faster- Not!

As much as the evolutionist might wish for you to believe, this is not an example of evolution:
“Fish may be evolving to swim faster to escape capture by fishing nets from trawlers, according to research. A study by the University of Glasgow has shown that fast­swimming fish are less likely to be trapped by fishing nets and that over time this could lead to physiological changes in fish populations. The university group simulated trawling with schools of wild minnows to determine whether some individual fish were consistently more susceptible to capture, and measured the swimming ability, metabolic rate and indicators of aerobic and anaerobic physical fitness of 43 fish.”   Faster fish may be evolving to give trawler nets the slip
It is, of course, an example of natural selection, but not of evolution.  The slower fish are removed from the gene pool leaving the faster fish to breed and produce offspring, and if that characteristic is passed on it will result in faster fish in the sea.

But how does that differ from a dog breeder picking dogs for speed to breed resulting in the greyhound?  Both the faster fish and faster dog are the results of the intervention of humans, and neither have lead to a new species!
And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:25

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Truth As Well As Facts Are Open To Interpretation

A Facebook meme:
A Facebook meme:

The problem is that truth, like facts, are subject to interpretation, and are interpreted by one’s perception. No two people can perceive the same thing in the same way. Parallax, which is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines, exist not only in vision but in experienced, no one can experience what another does, even of they are standing side by side at the same event.

A person’s past experiences shape how they will interpret current events and information. When ever you try to change another’s perspective you have to engage in a philosophical debate whether you call it that or not. A person perspective may or may not conform to reality, and it may over lap reality with some, or many, misconceptions.

Some people are so sure that thy see the truth as it really is that they cannot be reasons with, the word for this is ‘bigot’, that is a person with a closed mind in certain subjects. As far as being a Christian is concerned I am a bigot, my faith is not open to debate, I will not consider any argument to dissuade me of it.

Most socialist and communist, which I lump together under the term Progressives, are as bigoted as I am about my belief in Christ, on the way they see that the collective concerns should take priority over the individual. With them their can be meeting of the minds with people, like me, who believe that the individual, and his freedom to determiner his own way free of government intervention, The only solution they are willing to accept is government control over every aspect of the individual’s life.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore Riots : To Support Or Condemn

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. English: I PREFER LIBERTY WITH DANGER TO PEACE WITH SLAVERY

Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical, unsuccessful rebellions indeed generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.” – Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, Paris, January 30, 1787

People are asking if they have legitimate grievances.

These people do have legitimate grievances, the sad thing is that they are blind to their real oppression. The War on Poverty has trapped them in poverty and given them a mindset of entitlement. Their oppressors are screaming for more money to be spent on poor neighborhoods across the country, but the past has proven that will not succeed, for spending money on job training will not employ anyone if all the jobs are overseas. Sending them all to college will not help because their government schools have not educated them well enough to succeed in spite of the city’s $15,483 per-pupil expenditure second highest in the nation.

Part of the real problem was touched upon when they highlighted the woman bitch slapping her son for being in among the rioters. It turns out that she is a single mother of six, I will lay odds that most of the men rioting were raised by single mother. The largess of the government has killed the black family, and in so doing the ability of many young men and women to learn to respect authority, women, and other humans outside of their tribe.
A love of learning cannot be instilled with a welfare check, nor can respect for the means in which other’s make a living that is why they can burn down all their neighbors livelihood without a qualm. The progressive have taken over the school systems, both K-12 and most of the collages and universities, and are working hard to take over the military, God help us if they ever do.

Should we not support them as Jefferson suggested? No, not in their current rebellion, the effort to get whites to pay repatriation for their ancestor having been slave is not supportable, to have the cops be kinder to them when they are arrested, yes, by all means, but for all, not just blacks. To give them more say in their government, they have that in Baltimore, black control the city. So then just what is this revolution that we are asked to support? If it is that we should all be treated equally I will join in, bit if it is to let some people be more equal that others then I will not only not support it, but will condemn it wholeheartedly.

Silly White Girl just doesn’t GET IT

Ahhh… I love to see a Liberal attempting to appear intelligent, enlightened and whatever else their ego tells them that they need to be and in the process they just end up showing the world how stupid they are. It happens every day but today we have something special. It was white people who first suggested that spanking children when they need it is a bad thing. White people invented “Time Out” for their children whose behavior they don’t know how to control. White people worked hard to ensure that legislation now exists that criminalizes the physical discipline of their children when it is required.
When I played Bass Guitar in a Black Gospel Band we often told “Momma don’t play” stories. It was as I was telling my first Momma don’t play story that I got looks of disbelief. The story was such that there was no way that I could be making it up. It was then that I was told that my Mother is black, regardless of what she looked like. The only thing I could say was “I thank God for that”.
The video that follows is hilarious. Silly white girl can’t wrap her head around our Matriarchal Heroine from Baltimore. Watch as the black men in this interview attempt to be respectful and not laugh in her face.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The reason ISIS and the Jihadist kill other Muslims as much they do non Muslims

From the Jihadist Files:
The reason ISIS and the Jihadist kill other Muslims as much if not more than they do non Muslims is because that believe that, ISIS, are the devout followers of Mohammed and contend that they are at war with takfiri, that is those who have sinned and are now apostate. What’s more, they have a rather expansive definition of who qualifies for that designation. “Muslim ‘apostates’ are the ones most commonly killed by the Jihadist, “Being a Shiite, as most Iraqi Arabs are, meets the apostate standard as well, because the Islamic State regards Shiism as innovation, and to innovate on the Koran is to deny its initial perfection… That means roughly 200 million Shia are marked for death by ISIS As well as all of Alawaite in Assad’s Syria.

Assad, by the way considered his government secular, he allowed Christians and other non Muslims unmolested and untaxed to live in Syria. thus giving ISIS another reason to want to kill him and all in his government as they contend theirs is a war against those who pervert Islam. If the government does not rule with Sharia it is perverting Islam.

Obama started this whole ball of wax rolling when he decided to get rid of Moammar Gadhafi in Libra, that turned out just great now hasn’t it? The stated propose was that he was oppressing his people, torching and killing them without cause other than being a cruel dictator. While the true motive was to stop him from creating a pan-Africa currency, a gold coin whose name I have forgotten, and only sell his oil for gold.

Had he been allowed to enact his plan the dollar would have lost its role as the world’s reserve currency, and have curtailed the Federal Reserve’s ability to sell its T-Bills around the world to support our government’s deficit, trillions of dollars, spending, so Gadhafi had to go. Hillary had a big hand it all of this, see Obama had sent Stevens to Libya to collect up the arms that the US had supplied the so-called rebels and transfer then to the so-called rebels in Syria. i.e., ISIS.

ISIS did not stick to scrip, and went rogue on them, they do not give a hoot about the pipeline that back in 2009: “Qatar seeks gas pipeline to Turkey” but that is why Qatar spent $billions in support of the so-called Syria Rebels because Assad would not let them build the pipeline through his country and cut the market for his allies Russia. That is when NATO tried to cut Russia off from its only deep water seaport in the Crimea, leading his to invasion and annexing of the port back into Russia.
All of these stories leading up to Obama bombing Libya left out this part:
On May 15, 2006, the U.S. State Department announced that it would restore full diplomatic relations with Libya, once Gaddafi declared he was abandoning Libya’s weapons of mass destruction program. The State Department also said that Libya would be removed from the list of nations supporting terrorism. On August 31, 2006, however, Gaddafi openly called upon his supporters to “kill enemies” who asked for political change.  Link
As well it complicates getting other “Rogue States” like Iran from giving up their nuclear ambitions.
The lesson is elementary. Eight years ago, Libya agreed to dismantle its infant nuclear program. More than five months ago, NATO began enforcing a no-fly zone in support of Libyan rebels. Would NATO have launched a bombing campaign against Libya if the unpredictable Mr. Qaddafi had possessed nuclear weapons? Link
Well, the reason was not the way he was treating his people, what was it? It was over Gadhafi dream, he was the last major global leader that was promoted the dream of pan-African unity, and his disappearance from the political stage would remove the last remaining enthusiast for a European-style political union in Africa. His plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause he had to go. For more details go read this:“Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar”. Have you considered why the US Government is so opposed to disallowing oil to be sold for anything other than US dollars?  First a little history:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rajendra Pachauri and Scientism



From the Global Warming Hoax Department:

I have been pointing out for years that many of our so claimed objective people who see scientists as the only ones who can explain the world to us are worship upon the altar of Scientism taking the dictates of their High Priests the Scientists upon faith as they have no way of verifying what they claim explains the universe.

It seems that Rajendra Pachauri, head of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) since 2002, has admitted as much when he stepped down because of a sexual harassment scandal. In his letter of resignation to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Pachauri declared:
`”For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”
In Hinduism dharma is the path of righteousness.
Rajendra Pachauri is not a scientists, he was a railroad engineer, but he is a true believer of what his priest, the Global Warming scientists tell him. One caveat, the IPCC lays down the rules of engagement, that is to say that the scientists who work and publish for them can only study the effects that man’s co2 has on the temperature, they will not be funded or published if they study natural causes of temperature changes now or in the past.

This is the “belief” that global warming is man made that is driving the effort to prove that it is man-made. I do know if Pachauri is the creator of this effort by the IPCC or if he is just a useful idiot. Probable the later in my opinion, as the UN is using the Global Warming Hoax to drive the implementation of Agenda 21 world-wide. If global warming is man cause then Sustainable Development is must. Ask yourself why would a railroad engineer be put in charge of the IPCC other than the fact that he is a true believer who can be counted on to propagate the hoax with a religious fervor because he his deceit is for the better good, and his job is to save the world by hook or crook!

Over at WUWT  Tom Fuller has a post, The Peril of Great Causes, that explains why/how the true believers can overlook, and not even see them, the foibles and misdeeds of the champions of their causes:
Al Gore was one of the first who promoted global warming as an imminent threat to human safety. His sybaritic lifestyle was evident from the first–private planes, living in a mansion, conspicuous consumption. None of that was sufficient to cause the Cause to disavow him. It still is unclear whether it was his arrest for pressuring a masseuse for sex or his sale of his television channel to a fossil fuel organization was the cause of his fall from grace–but that fall was apparently temporary, as he still speaks on global warming before green groups the world over. The rules don’t apply. 
And now it is the turn of Rajendra Pachauri. Women are now speaking of a decade-long pattern of sexual harassment. Even before this revelation, Pachauri was involved in misconduct, ranging from suppressing dissent to hiding the income from his foundation. He showed incredibly poor judgment in publishing a bodice ripper of a novel while head of an organization that had been criticized by the IAC–with many of those criticisms calling into question his leadership. But it doesn’t matter. He was a champion of the Cause.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Asthma Link To Global Warming

Chris Horner of CEI gave SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) a copy one of the communications to Lisa Jackson he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The email was addressed to a Richard Windsor, an alias used by Jackson to avoid the Freedom of Information Act. The subject was Strategic Communications and was dated March 18, 2009 – early in the Administration.
Unfortunately, climate change in the abstract is an increasingly – and consistently – unpersuasive argument to make. However, if we shift from making this about the polar caps and about our neighbor with respiratory illness, we can potentially bring this issue home to many Americans …
…By revitalizing our own Children’s Health Office, leading the global charge on this issue, and highlighting the children’s health dimension to all our major initiatives – we will also make this issue real for many American who otherwise would oppose many of our regulatory actions.
Now we learn this:
A potentially alarming figure that emerged in the UK news last week was that “1 million” UK adults may have been wrongly diagnosed with asthma – a claim reported in various forms by BBC News, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror and the Mail Online.
So, where did the figure of 1 million come from? All the UK press rallied round a statement in the draft guideline that said: “studies of adults diagnosed with asthma suggest that up to 30% do not have clear evidence of asthma”. What followed was clearly a “back of the envelope” calculation extrapolating this to the number of people receiving treatment for asthma in the UK, which is around 4.1 million. This gave the magic figure of 1.23 million potentially misdiagnosed people.
We recently showed that 30% of adults with a physician diagnosis of asthma did not have asthma when objectively assessed using a 4-step algorithm involving serial spirometry, bronchial challenge testing, and subsequent tapering of asthma medications. The objective of this study was to determine how many steps in the algorithm were required to confirm asthma, and whether any patient-related variables were associated with earlier asthma confirmation.
And not just in England, while I have been unable to find a study on America’s  over diagnosis, but if this one from Canada is any guide we can rest assured that it is as well: Asthma may be over-diagnosed in Canada: study from 2008 indicated:
Asthma may be over-diagnosed by as much as 30 per cent in Canadian adults, according to a new study, which suggests that doctors may be missing the signs of a more serious problem.
“The myth-busting part of this study may be that there are a lot of Canadians who are labeled as asthmatics who believe they have the disease, but they may not have it,” Dr. Shawn Aaron, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Health Research Institute and the head of respiratory medicine at the Ottawa Hospital, told CTV News.
The question posed by this is the increased diagnostic of asthma is coincidental  with the Alarmist need for a propaganda issue to hype the need to limit co2 production, or has it been a concerted effort by fellow travelers?  Of course the Alarmist may just be benefiting from Big Pharma vested interested in selling its high priced drugs to treat asthma.  In any case it has worked well for them as a whipping horse to  push their agenda, i.e., control how and what we use for energy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

False Equivalency vs True Equivalency

From the Immigration Wars:

In this battle to control the language of the debate the picture at the left is an example of a false equivalency, that is, equating being human with being legal regardless of if you are in the country legally or not. The picture on the rightoffers a true equivalency, that is, a person who comes into the country illegally is indeed illegal human being or animal.

The argument can be stated that no animal are illegal, but the ones smuggled into the country are. Being an animal or human is not in of itself illegal, but breaking the law to get into the country make man or animal illegal.

border-protest-AP-640x480 no-human-is-illegal-sign-immigration-rally-Reuters (1)
Picture:  credits unknow

When issues come up that divide people upon what course of action should be decided upon each side attempts to pick the word(s) that define the issue. Both, as to how they wish to present their side, and how they wish to portray the other(s) side’s position(s). The first side to lay claim to the words use to tag the issues gain a huge advantage in presenting their arguments. Picking a slogan is an exercise in propaganda, the goal is to get people to accept your argument without thinking. Examples abound…